How it works


With Rheticus® Interactive users can request several products and can include, on a case-by-case basis, the activation of satellite monitoring services with ready-to-use geospatial indicators (Rheticus® services) or the provision of satellite images and other added-value information (thematic maps or other).

The catalogue of products the user may request during the subscription is defined in advance and customized when the subscription is activated. The catalogue may be enriched with new products during the subscription period.


Users subscribing to Rheticus® Interactive obtain a package of credits that they may spend during the period of validity of the subscription, requesting, on a case-by-case basis, the product of choice among all those available in its customized catalogue. Each product has a different cost, expressed in credits.

Following each request, the price in credits of the product is calculated according to the type of product and the area of interest.
Upon activation of the contract, the Customer accesses the dashboard showing the product catalogue customized to his needs.

Product requestes

For each product, the Customers can access the technical specifications of the product they wish to activate, together with information on when and how the product will be delivered. The web dashboard makes it possible to manage all product requests, check credits spent and those still available during the subscription period, check the status of each request, and manage access to the products by users, assigning them credentials to access the products.