Satellite images anywhere in the world

Rheticus® Interactive is an annual pay-as-you-go subscription that allows you to request a wide range of different monitoring services based on satellite images anywhere in the world and choose the best available product according to application needs.

Designed by Planetek Italia, a Benefit company with more than 28 year’s experience in Geoservices, space solutions and Earth observation, the Rheticus® Interactive service can deliver fresh and accurate data and information in several business, from utilities, public administration, transport, environmental agencies, insurance, farmers.

The Rheticus®platform includes services for dynamically monitoring the Earth’s morphology, vegetation, infrastructure as well as coastal areas and seawater. It provides information by means of graphic indicators, dynamic diagrams, and pre-set reports. The provided information allows customers to immediately perform assessment operations over areas of interest. Access to Rheticus®is made available by subscription and allows users to have continually updated information.